NPA Women

$ 72.00

The NPA is Lacroy’s flagship product, a worldwide icon.

The NPA can be used in 2 ways:

  • As an additive to your own preferred perfume. You can create the right strength that works for you. There are recommended guidelines to assist you.
  • Direct application onto your skin, as a localized concentrate.

NPA comprises a minimum of 5 human pheromones, all of which have proven high activity.

The 15ml Dropper bottle contains a minimum of 7.5mg of analytical active pheromones. A leader product for users who want high concentration products.

Not fragranced.

15ml NPA mix is supplied in glass with a dropper insert and its own beautifully designed box. Ideal as a gift.

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Type Concentrate
For Women
Size 15ml
Scent Not Scented
Pheromone Content 7.5mg of analytical active pheromones