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Corporate by LaCroy is the new sensation in the business world. Bringing pheromones into the office, it has been designed to induce relaxation, and enhance work colleague relationships. Have you felt the need for a touch more confidence and the desire to be noticed? Are you ambitious in the workplace and are you looking for new opportunities? If so, then Corporate is for you.

Corporate has been designed in a novel application, to use human pheromone technology to enhance and relax human interaction in the corporate environment. 

The corporate environment can be filled with tensions, but if Corporate is brought into a strained or hostile workplace, a subconscious response can be invoked, where positivity and calm will gradually seep into the environment.


One 25ml bottle of Corporate  contains 5 specially selected pheromones (Androstenol, Androstenone, Androstadienone & Estratetraenol) -formulated to create confidence in the wearer



To apply, spray Corporate three or more times to freshly washed skin on major pulse-points such as the neck, or the underside of your wrists. Heat generation in these areas will enhance the performance of our formulas. 

The effect of human pheromones emanates to about 3 meters, affecting others as quickly as 5 seconds from exposure and lasting for as long as 5 hours from the time of application.

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Type Spray
For Men and Women
Size 25ml or 0.85 fl.Oz per bottle
Product Content 10 Components. 6 mg Pheromones. 4 Unique Pheromones
Composition Alcohol. Denat, Aqua (Water), Ess Oils, Dipropylene Glycol, BHT, Androstenol, Androstenone, Androstadienone & Estratetraenol