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The Zulu Impi, a group of tribal warriors in Southern Africa, were historically more successful than any other warriors at the time. The impi were men in their prime years, the fittest and strongest, a symbol of virile masculinity.

IMPI  brings African history into the now with it's local time tested essential oils combined with cutting edge pheromones. 

Use IMPI Red when you want others to see you as a strong, self-confident man


Our studies  have shown that women perceive men as more attractive, masculine and sexual when inhaling Androstenol and Androstadienone, this is the core base for IMPI combined with carefully selected African essential oils

One bottle of IMPI contains 5 specially selected pheromones (Androstenol, Androstenone, Androsterone, Androstadienone & Methyloestratetraenol )

Impi contains 4.5 mg of specially selected pheromones and the chosen African essential oils with a musk led fragrance enhancing masculinity.

Impi is packaged in a 15ml aluminium cosmetic container, and an eye-catching box. Use Impi  as you would a cologne, spray it two or three times anywhere on your skin or your clothes.

Impi Red Men Impi Red Men


Type Spray
For Men
Size 15ml
Scent Fragranced
Pheromone Content 4.5mg selected pheromones, combined with stimulating oils and a subtle musk led fragrance